Limiting the damage of divorce

Today you have a choice to decrease the problems associated with divorce.

It is well documented that divorce is one of the major crises one can experience in one’s life. It has been shown that the parties and especially children are effected  emotionally for the rest of their lives by their parents’ divorce. Today, with Mediation the effect can be, and has been shown to be decreased when parties engage in mediation.


The reason is that when the parties work through the process of mediation they are encouraged to maintain and build up relationships. Sometimes they leave the process being able to communicate better, than before the process began as mediation has the ability help the couple learn to communicate again, if only for the sake of the children and thereby makes their post divorce relationship better than their married one. In addition the mediator is aware of the effect of divorce on children and adults, and can assist the parties to understand and how to adequately care for their children and themselves in this situation.

Thus, the Mediator may require professional expert emotional support depending on the circumstances.

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