Sherie Grayman is an attorney at law having completed her BA LLB at the University of The Witwatersrand.

Sherie Grayman completed an Advanced Mediation Course in 2009 and became a member of SAAM (The South African Association Of Mediators). In addition she has been accredited by NABFAM which is the National Accreditation Board for Family Mediators. Sherie Grayman completed a course in Workplace Mediation by Conflict Dynamics in association with Bowman Gilfillan.

Sherie, is currently a Consultant to the practice of T.G.Fine Attorney in Johannesburg where she heads up the division in Divorce and Family Mediation.

For Sherie, Mediation is in her opinion, a Wise  Solution to one of the hardest crises a person /family can encounter in their lives .It is a  process that she truly believes in and is passionate about. Why? Because it has been proven that through the process of  Mediation relationships can remain civil and the children’s best interests are taken into account.

Thus, the emotional scars of both the parties and the children associated with divorce are decreased.

With the above in mind,Sherie’s role as a mediator is taken very seriously.

She provides her clients, with her legal expertise and with concern and understanding for them and their families. Her dedication to her clients lies in her belief that in engaging in the process of Mediation will make the trauma of divorce and  the outcome thereof more positive and less turbulent for the couple and their children.